2nd December. Snow Madness

I'm trapped. Trapped in the house with minimal supplies, daytime television and three stir crazy cats who only leave the house when they need a shit! Highlight(s) of the day has been a walk to the local shops whose shelves are starting to look like those of 1980's communist Russia. There's no fresh food or milk and people are literally mobbing the bread van as soon as he arrives. Our cul-de-sac road is steep and, at the last measurement, 50cm (20" in old money) deep. I can't get to work, no buses or trains and the car is under two foot of snow.

All the birds have vanished from the garden despite the Niger feeder being well stocked and regular clearing of the bird table. On the bright side I did add Snipe to the house list as one poor individual desperate for food headed over the house and knowing the suffering of this poor creature I was still miserable. By 6pm I had completely lost the plot and resorted to actions completely out of character. Firstly I found myself reading threads on Birdforum, then watching an episode of Home and Away then most shocking of all this.

You don't get this kind of behaviour on Birding Frontiers.


Sanity has now been restored, dug the car out so hopefully some kind of birding tomorrow.

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dAwN said...

Hee hee..you are one silly fella. You sure did get allot of snow! Where did the birds go? You would think that they would want to hang out at the feeders.
Hope your sanity is restored.