9th December. The State of British Birding

Another classic from Nerdforum. The names have been removed to protect the fools, I did think of changing it to SG or RGM of Cley but that's an old joke that needs to be left alone now.

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Really does make you wonder what's happening to British Birding perhaps Lee does have a point!


Parus said...

I doubt there are any more idiots as a percentage of all birders than there ever were - the difference is that these days it's that little bit easier to hear their voices.

The Leicester Llama said...

I agree that the percentage of idiots hasn't changed, but there are more birders (and so more idiots overall) and also it's a lot easier for them to just send their photos to a forum rather than make an effort to identify the bird themselves.

I get photos of perfectly identifiable birds sent to me (at the LROS website) all the time asking what they are, as well as the 'where's such and such a site' questions, to which I always want to reply 'there's this really useful website for finding out stuff like that - it's called Google'. But I don't of course, I just add to the problem by continuing to spoon-feed people...

Bill D said...

One question for you... if that poster was a youngster, new to birdwatching, would you still call them an idiot?

What is the point in an
identification forum if you cannot post identifications?

I can't quite get my head around the insults you are posting here. Just show what hostility beginners and young birders alike have to deal with from 'superiors'.


Mark said...

That's two quetions!

I started birding when I was 12. if I saw a bird I wasn't sure about I took a description and looked it up in the available literature - at the time the Hamlyn guide.
My daughter is now 12 if she sees a bird that she's not sure about I give her the Collins guide and tell her to find it! Harsh? Not at all, next time she'll remember it because she researched it and wasn't spoon fed the answer!

I'm all for supporting young birders - but I have no time for lazy birders.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot reeder, not everyone is a world birding authority like you.

Mike Watson said...
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Mark said...

@Anonymous. I don't need an anonymous keyboard warrior to tell me I'm an idiot - my friends and family are more than capable.
World authority only in my little world ;-)

Colin said...

I think that calling these inexperienced birdwatchers "idiots" is a bit extreme. My first bird-book was the tiny "I-Spy Birds" paperback, followed by the "Observers Book of Birds" and then progressively more informative guides - I learned a lot from some of John Gooders books.

Now, every new birder/birdwatcher is informed that the Collins Guide is the "only" field guide - this, for many beginners, is rather like giving them a weapon with which to shoot themselves in the foot.

Let us not be too unkind to these mere mortals whose only intention is to observe, identify and admire birds.

If these lovely (mainly!!) people thought that they had to serve LGRE's "apprenticeship" then I suspect that they would all just bugger off, and I would not blame them. Just imagine having to send your CV to the UK400 club before being allowed out into the field.

Birding/birdwatching is full of twats at EVERY level, so don't over-criticise the "newbies".

Mick S said...

I have to agree with you Mark. The person posting the item on Bird Forum had gone to the trouble of photographing the bird, finding the site and uploading the picture. Assuming they have a passing interest in birds, half that effort on the net or with the most basic of bird id guides would have revealed the answer. Anyway, I think we are overlooking the fact rock sparrow is a jolly good record.