30th January. Unbelievable

Finally managed to find some settled Waxwings at Orgreave, with up to 17 birds present for the last couple of days feeding on Guelder Rose.

Just when I thought I'd seen every type of anti social behaviour at Orgreave along came a new one for my list. Arriving this evening, for the now daily gull roost, I was a little perturbed as to why A. All the ducks were congregating at the northern end (they are usually on the smaller lake) and B. Hardly any gulls. The reason soon became apparent. At the edge of the smaller lake four grown men - not of the usual feral appearance - were discharging what I can only describe as a home made canon. After tipping off the site security I discovered that it was a device for training their dogs! Basically it was a metal pipe. This pipe then had the contents of a firework emptied in to it and a golf ball rammed down with a long pole. The pipe was then pointed in the required direction and detonated. Hilariously the dog just sat there as though to say "bollocks I'm not fetching that - the remaining gulls and ducks however had heard enough and left. Whatever happened to throwing a stick?

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