5th February. England's Shame

It's all too easy these days to sit back and point the finger at other countries, whose crimes against wildlife are constantly within the pages of the myriad of bird/nature magazines currently available. But when you read this article you, like me, might be forgiven for thinking that certain factions in this green and pleasant land are no better than those in Malta or Cyprus.

The work of the South Peak Raptor Group should be applauded. The fact that were it not for their selfless dogged determination not one single Goshawk would have fledged. Despite that since their formation there has been no let up in the persecution of these magnificent birds, this band of 'not so merry' men continue this thankless task of surveying and protecting our most threatened of birds. Next time you're stood at Windy Corner, in the Upper Derwent, and glimpse this most spectacular accipiter give thanks to the unsung heroes of the South Peak Raptor Group.


Alan Whitehead said...

Excellent post

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Presumably they know who owns the land on which these incidents are happening. Perhaps it's time for a name and shame campaign?