27th February. Three Dull Days

A weekend of typical March like weather, that is mild and dry one minute wet and cold the next. The type of weather where you ought to sneak an early migrant, but invariably don't because at the end of the day it's still February, it's just Mother Nature screwing with your mind!

Friday. A couple of patch year ticks this morning, namely Curlew and a pair of Peregrines terrorising everything - but I wasn't complaining.

I think even I might shit my pants if I saw this coming straight at me!

November's Red-crested Pochard returned last weekend - presumably the bread, it had been enjoying elsewhere, had now dried up.


An Oystercatcher, on the smallest lake, was self-found patch year tick number 83 and the highlight of an otherwise dull couple of hours.


More birders than birds this morning with at least three on site at 07:50 and before me. With this in mind I walked the grassland to the north of the site, enjoying the cacophony of Sky Larks but apart from a couple of 'boxing' Hares and a dead 1st winter GBB Gull (one for your collection Martin) not a lot else!

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