5th March. Turned Out Nice Again

Another familiar scenario today. Shitty weather and not a deal of bird life. At Orgreave the viewing post was already occupied by, an out of bed earlier than me, Pete. Consequently I decided to check the almost steppe like northern end, where the highlight was a nice party of seven Hares, taking advantage of a seemingly dog free morning - running around naturally with out the assistance of some ignorant arse wipes mangy hound.

The grey murk had now turned into clag, but without the vital northeast wind and with other things to do I packed in.

With several hours of constant heavy drizzle I became concerned that I might be missing summat (that's Northern for something). Logging on to the SBSG site my thoughts were confirmed with 26 Whooper Swans at Orgreave - bugger. Fortunately when I went back for the evening gull roost they were still there.

My fifth gull roost visit of the week finally came up trumps with an adult Mediterranean Gull, for ten minutes, before all Hell broke loose among the gulls (presumably a Peregrine) forcing most o leave and the rest to circle the lake until it was too dark to see them.

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