17th March. Reflections

With the whole World appearing to be on it's way into Hell on a handcart it seemed that writing anything on these pages over the last week would have seemed meaningless and even more insignificant than normal! So I didn't bother. A few birds on Orgreave over the weekend most notably (though not surprising) was the first Little Ringed Plover.

Up to 72 Goosanders most evenings, delighting with their soft display calls.

The worse things that happened to me last weekend was the lack of broadband and a broken clutch. All seemed fairly serious, in our house, at the time. But on reflection and with the current situation in Japan, they were about as serious as a broken finger nail!


Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice light there!

Kah Wai

Mike Watson said...

Hi Mark, agree with you about Japan. Heart-breaking watching the news at the moment. Mike

Colin said...

Mentioning the Japanese and fingernails is a rather 'touchy' subject for many of my generation!!!