6th March. Dude

Change of scenery this morning with a trip to Clumber - mainly for the Hawinches - but a full scale dude session ensued.

Cracking scope views, though had to make do with this heavily cropped DSLR shot

Returning to the car I scattered a few crumbs on the fence and came over all Mary Poppins.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
Was working on the viaduct over the Woodhouse Washlands when the 26 Whooper and 5 Mute Swna came flying overhead, what a great sight and plenty of noise too, it was 0920 hrs they came in over from Rother Valley, Woodhouse Waslands before landing onto the Orgreave Lake

Kah-Wai Lin said...

You have a nice blog! I would love to follow up:)

Kah Wai