25th July. Scream For Me Sheffield

Realised one of my things to do before I die ambitions yesterday. I finally got to see the mighty Iron Maiden. Thinking that they were probably past their best and most likely ever so slightly Spinal Tap, I was more than happy to be proven wrong - so very wrong. In the words of my cyber (or should that be Cider) friend Tom M "Maiden Flipping Rock" In fact it was Tom's writing and general man love of all things Maiden that lead to me becoming reacquainted with the music of my youth. Thanks Tom you twat.

The only downside was whilst walking round Orgreave this morning, I couldn't hear a thing apart from a strange whooshing noise in my ears!

The Trooper

Steve Harris, bass playing God with the energy of a teenager

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John Hague said...

Iron Maiden! A couple of good albums early on the nothing but a rock and roll pastiche!
I only ever saw them once as support for Judas Priest way back in about 1980 at the City Hall - they still had Paul Di'Anno with them... though not for much longer.