4th July. Thank Flip

Despite being almost 42 I still get told off for swearing by my parents and the memories of having my mouth washed out by a crusty bar of imperial leather will live with me forever - so flip it is!

With the exception of the first week, June has been a terrible month. A month that has seen me spending even more time in veterinary waiting rooms, wasting my life reading 'that thread' on Birdforum and doing very little birding.

July couldn't come around quick enough - but eventually it did. Throwing myself back into the birding before work regime, I scored on my first attempt with a Greenshank heading south over Orgreave. Great this is it autumn begins.

Pumped full of enthusiasm I did a return visit in the evening and scored a pair of Pochard and a site first!

Great White Dogs Eggs

Look out for a full ID feature on Birding Blogs, where Tom Mckinney will explain how to separate Greater from Lesser with the help of a plopagram graph thingy.

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Anonymous said...

Mark, I received a photo this evening of a massive pile of albino dog egg, the biggest I've ever seen. The email said it was photographed on Anglesey at the weekend by a non-dogegger who was just holidaying with his family.

Obviously I was a bit sceptical, so I checked the EXIF data and guess what - it was photographed in 2006! So I did a quick Google search and soon found the same photo, which came up as having being taken in the Swiss Alps and laid by a Saint Bernard with a serious intestinal infection. As LGRE says, there's a lot of hoaxers out there, so stay on your guard.