7th July 2011. China Syndrome

Having done an early morning tour of Orgreave, where an impressive total of 17 LRP's was the highlight, I settled into the journey to work. Engrossed in my Metro and the heinous goings on at News International I was distracted by a text from Andy telling me to listen to Radio Sheffield. They were apparently running a story about new plans for a development at Pit-house West - a Chinese theme park. You really couldn't make it up!

One of the attractions already confirmed:

The Tiananmen Tank Challenge. How long will your nerve hold, as you line up in front of a fleet of heavily armed artillery, threatening to crush your very existence, shopping bags provided.

To quote Toby Foster (Radio Sheffield presenter and former Phoenix Nights drummer)

"All attractions free except Tibet"

Unlike the doomed YES project this new scheme has applied for over 5 million of government money. Can't help thinking of this classic Simpsons sketch when it comes to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council's planning board meetings.


Anonymous said...

I wondered what the radio SHEFFIELD van was doing there interviewing some stupid woman who had just been throwing ball for her loopy Labrador straight into Bittern pool around reedbeds upsetting young coot family and reed buntings having just seen a dickhead bloke doing the same with his Labrador
The Railwayman

Anonymous said...

,,,and there I was thinking it already was a theme park, albeit designed for rogue fishermen, arsonists,drunks,and those poor unfortunate people whose dogs can't be allowed off the leash in normal public places.On the plus side we may be able to look forward to some sweet and sour Bittern,,,,
The mind boggles,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Visions of China indeed.
On the Simpsons clip, could Dr Marvin Monroe perhaps be related to any famous Norfolk based birdspotters?