18th October. KKK alive and well in Cornwall

Shock revelations this week from the policeman of birding (and not a birding policeman) that the Kernow Killjoy Klan have once again been operating in the north of Cornwall. Apparently this 'crime' was committed in the Davidstow/Crowdy area where an apparent Semipalmated Plover slipped beneath every visiting twitchers radar, whilst it hid among the tundrae Ringed Plovers.

A full investigation by the IQ 40 is currently being carried out into the alledged activities of cult leader Christ Stanley.

"Psst Get yourself off to Rame in the morning my lover"

Personally I'd like to thank the KKK for helping me keep another British blocker on my list!


Paul Freestone said...

Thanks V. Funny. Dont't need it either. Whats the reference to the birding policeman, policeman of birding all about?

John Hague said...

Saw a car reg plate today 63 KKK... that cannot be appropriate!