23rd October. Happy Birthday Beth

Today I officially became the parent of a teenager. A good (birding) friend of mine once questioned my decision to have a child in October! This was something that crossed my mind when this weekend I simply couldn't consider either the Rubythroat or the Tanager. I wouldn't swap Beth for the world - she's a wonderful daughter so much so that even if I'd gone for either the aforementioned birds she'd have understood completely well deep down she's a birder at heart!

At just three she'd got to grips with the scope

Digiscoping at Seven

The day she renamed phalaropes as 'turnaround a bird'

Grilling a Citrine Wag' earlier this year.

Now is anyone up for that Rubythroat next weekend - if it sticks of course?

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Rob said...

Is that not the green Peugeot in the top photo that you kindly sold to me? Now unfortunately dead and recycled as tin cans due to an unfortunate sump-related incident near Fleck a couple of years ago.

The Rubythroat will have died by next weekend. There's nothing to see here any more. Move along please...

More importantly, happy birthday Beth!