Norfolk in Chance

Currently wandering around Warham with a miriad of expectant birders; though sadly most have already given up and others are wasting time blogging about it. The Rufous-tailed Robin&amp has probably either done one or - following a frost- is laying on it's back with it's feet in the air.

The rumour mill is already running with a story of how it was kept quiet and how more birders could have connected with it. Blah blah blah more shit for the forums.
In my experience the finder is a top bloke - the nicest of the Punkbirders - and deserves nothing but high praise for getting the news out. Had it been me it would have A taken me several hours to come to my senses and B significantly longer to scrape the shit from my underpants.
Birders! Some of you are just vile spiteful bastards!!

I'm off to walk to Wells for a nice cuppa and a spot of breakfast.


beast said...

I heard the rumors too Mark and the first question i asked was "Is this just the usual sour grape unsubstantiated crap bollox or what"?

Nothing to do with the you say...great find...good bloke...etc

All credit to him....its just that things got a bit 'weird' re the timings and reporting of where exactly the bird was etc. [Not by the finder i hasten to add]...

Personally i don't really give a fuck as i couldn't have made it over yesterday...

The Railwayman said...

I thought that was the beauty of the hobby "some you win, some you lose" i have had birds reported on my doorstep got there within the hour and the bird had flown. To discredit someone without any knowledge of the guy is typical of some people these days.
The Railwayman

John Hague said...

Totally agree guys... I wish the cyber-fucking-warriors ill!

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

I agree with John and Beast the Cyber bitches are Cun*s!
I don't think it was the finder fault but more likely the Norfolk mafia who withheld news of the bird! ;-)