17th February. Nuns on the Run

The recent freezing conditions brought an influx of Smew to the bottom half of England, so it was no surprise that once a thaw set in they would start to move. Sure enough, this morning, I stumbled into a stunning male on the smaller of the two Orgreave lakes. Typically I had left the SLR in the boot and worse still the Coolpix' memory card in the laptop. Fortunately the latter does have enough memory to take a handful of shots, so all was not lost.

The euphoria - of finding the Smew - was short-lived when I came across this news item http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-17072533 However, unlike Pit-house West this site was reclaimed with the intention of creating a large industrial development and eventually housing and consequently proper jobs. So unlike the Chinese fantasy shite I am not at all upset by this. I understand that the Rolls Royce site will sit at the northern most edge so, given the size of the site, will hopefully have little affect on the site. The development at Orgreave is a 25 year plan - so I'll be drawing my pension (if there's any money left) by the time the last brick is laid.

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Jason K said...

Drake Smew is a smart looking bird any day of the week. A good find, hope you celebrated with a nice Melton Mowbry Pork Pie!