19th February. Yellowthroat and a Knackered Battery

In 1997 I snubbed the Scillies Yellowthroat - simply because earlier in the year I had been to Ontario (Point Pelee etc.) and seen hundreds to the point where I was quite bored of them. When news broke on Thursday of one near Newport, Gwent the feeling that came over me was reminiscent of that of October 1997. However by Saturday night I had come to my senses and stopped being daft.
Sunday morning and 180 or so miles later we were faced with this vision of lemony loveliness - the likes that I had not seen (in Britain) since the Yellow-throated Vireo at Kenidjack in 1990 (I thought I'd throw that in for you smug lot that keep saying I saw the Scillies Yellowthroat in 1997 blah blah blah). Despite being brighter than a fluorescent jacket it kept itself well hidden and crawled around the long grass and brambles in a Radde's Warbler like manner.

Continuing the recent theme of un-prepared camera equipment I reached for the SLR only to discover that the battery was flat (probably due to being left overnight in the car). I managed to revive it enough for a few pics by keeping it in a warm place. I would like to point out to anyone who saw me with my hands down my pants, whilst watching the bird, that I was merely retreaving my battery. Anyhow I managed a dozen or so shots but inevitably they were all crap and the battery ran out - though I did attempt a few more warm ups! Apologies to the media friendly twitcher who shook my hand just after I'd put my battery 'on charge'!

One of the few (very poor) SLR shots

Marginally better digiscoped

Cracking HD video of a dead branch and half a Yellowthroat

An attempt to see the Bonaparte's Gull at Cardiff Bay Water Treatment Works,ended in abject failure when we couldn't find it - the water works that is!


darren hughes said...
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darren hughes said...

Just to be smug Yellowthroat 1984 Bryher Yellow throated Vireo 1990 Kenidijack ( Closed the pub at 11 in south Wales drove to Cornwall back by opening timeish 12.30) Phillidelphia Vireo Tresco 1987

But still going on Wendnesday my home county and I have told nan I'm going home so I have to

Mark said...

Also got the Philly Vireo, ticked at the same time as Corncrake ;-)