5th February. Lapping It Up

Having had a fairly fruitless trip to the patch this morning, and coupled with the throng of sledge's I was reluctant to go back down for the gull roost and had decided that the Bitterns at Pit-house West might be a better idea. After a session with the iron Jo decided that she wasn't bothered about going back out, and to be honest neither was I. However faced with almost two hours of Jamie Oliver (I didn't have the remote) I got back into my thermals and settled on the Orgreave gull roost.

There was already a good number of gulls on the ice with plenty more dropping in. The roost continued to build, but with the exception of a colour-ringed GBB Gull, nothing of interest. Irritable, I played about with the cameras video setting for a bit before I noticed a flock of Skylarks feeding around the path some 100 metres away. Scanning them with the scope, and hoping for a Shorelark (a real local mega) I was more than pleased when a Lapland Bunting hopped into my field of view. The flock seemed settled so I walked nearer, unfortunately before I could get the camera on it another sledging party flushed the whole flock! I expect that this bird might stick around until the skylarks move on, at least 60 birds have been hanging around the big hill for the last couple of days.

The tundra type habitat has clearly proven attractive this weekend.

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