23rd December: Christmas Eve Eve

With renewed enthusiasm brought on by a very nice early Christmas present I decided to plan my day. 1. Go birding 2. Do some work at the house 3. Either visit IKEA or go birding again. So I slung several changes of clothing into the car and headed to RV. About a mile away from RV I realised that I had forgotten to actually put any optics in the car so sadly it became another weekend of no birding. A few jobs in the house and a trip to IKEA and a stop off at Murderhell on the way home made for another uneventful Sunday, but it did get much better in the evening!


I've nicked this out of a local magazine for local people.
Answer this question: How many blackbirds (though strictly speaking it should be black birds) were baked in a pie?

Answers emailed to sales@excellemagazine.co.uk


HRH Pie said...

Steak and Kidney Mince and Onion Fresh Mash
Steak and Guinness Mince and Cheese Mushy Peas
Steak and Cheese Steak and Mushroom Garden Peas
Steak and Mushroom Chicken and Vegetable Heinz Baked Beans
Lamb and Rosemary Chicken Curry Onion gravy [v]
Mushroom and Asparagus [v] Spinach and Feta [v] Range of salads [v]
Superfoods Pie Mushroom and Asparagus [v]
Cottage Pie Puddings
Chicken and Mushroom Specials Cherry Pie
Chicken, Leek and Ham Christmas in a Pie Apple Pie
Jerk Chicken Square Pie Milkshakes
Potato, Leek and Cheese [

Martin said...


A Jack Snipe was found dead at Virkie.

Whodunnit? I wonder,,,

Jack Snipe said...

No it's okay I'm fine and living on Key Lake down in the Soar Valley.
Reports of my death are surely exaggerated!

Anonymous said...

relief! leave it to that crap nature in shetland website

Rob said...

News of the death of a Jack Snipe is at www.robfray.co.uk. The poor thing actually died twice...

Anonymous said...

I think little Jimmy murdered Jack Snipe, as he was kicking around that field again!

Jack Snipe said...

It’s ok, I’m alive and well. Being hunted down by birders of small stature, the Burbage Birders and the current LROS County Recorder leads me to use stunt doubles.
I can assure you I’ll probably rear my ugly head again soon.

Mrs Miggins said...

The Jack Snipe is in one of my pies!

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage Mark on Shetland Eve! Good luck with the Veg and the vegs!