30th December: Reasons to be cheerful Part 3

In the evening I dropped Rob off at the Sumburgh Hotel, for his 'shift' behind the bar, returned home to watch some telly and spend a considerable amount of time on the net. I went back to the Sumburgh at 10:30 and walked into a packed bar of 2 people. What was most bizarre was the sight at the bar. Mr Fray had challenged a young local chap to eat twelve extremely large pickled onions by midnight. The only snag being that this lad hated them. The prize at the end of this would be twelve pints of his choice and all onions paid for. Oh how these dark winter nights must sail by!
The evening took a turn for the worse when said local challenged Rob to wear a rather camp woolly hat hanging behind the bar. To cut a long story short Rob lost the bet to the tune of £29 - which he later blamed me for as I had eaten one.

Don't go into the Virkie willows alone!!


Anonymous said...

Is it the hat that's camp or is it the wearer?

Anonymous said...

GAY BOY!!!!!!