31st December: Pie Famine

Today was very wet but none the less we managed a bit of birding in the early afternoon. A walk along the beach at West Voe of Sumburgh produced a couple of Purple Sandpipers, 2 Long-tailed Ducks close inshore and a party of 30 ish Goldeneye.
A stop at the Toab shop produced a surprise Chicken and White Sauce Pie. Surprise? Due to the time of year there appears to be a bit of a pie famine at present. Hopefully this situation will change towards the end of the week when I hope to get my hands on one of those highly rated Macaroni Pies by Friday.
With the heavy rain in mind we stopped at Vatsetter and scanned from the road. After a few minutes the Wigeon flock flushed and landed on the water, where the American Wigeon was easily picked out. The light was very poor now so we headed home via the Pieless Mainland Stores.
Some more pics from yesterday:

A nice sunny day at Catfirth

Bloody Cold

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