16th February. Blue Saturday

Having stopped following football properly in the early eighties, the only games I tend to watch these days are either on the telly or the occasional freebie. Today was a case of the latter. Jo's dad had acquired tickets to watch Huddersfield at Chelsea in the fifth round of the FA cup. Coming from Yorkshire you'd think Jo and her dad would be going along to cheer on the mighty Terriers - not so they're both followers of Chelsea! They both spent an uncomfortable 90 minutes stifling their celebrations following an under strength Chelsea sides unconvincing 3-1 win.

Mr Lampard celebrates his 1,000,000th Chelsea goal

Stamford Bridge (not the Yorkshire one)

Premier football does not mean premiership pies 5/10 on the pie scale

Escaping from London (why do people want to live there) back to Banbury for an overnight stay meant we would be able to do a spot of birding the following morning.


Anonymous said...

"Why do people want to live there"


John Hague said...

Premiership pies are even more dissappointing than your average Premiership game.
Not that there's any chance of The Owls getting back into the 1st Division, 3rd Division is more likely at the minute but I hate all the hype...

bluebirder said...

Thought the pies at Stamford Bridge were a definate step up from the ones we're offered at the Galpharm (altough I'm becoming something of a fan of the curry ones) but they certainly were a rip off at £3+. As for London & Premier League clubs I'm just glad it's all over for another 5 to 10 years!