3rd February. Of shops and birds.

Despite Saturday being a very nice sunny day I ended up not venturing out in to the field.
Sunday was no better as the plans for the day involved catching up on sleep, eating, shopping and some minor decorating.
The sleeping went to plan as did the eating of a big grilled breakfast. The shopping was brief, but a quick (if that's possible) visit to the Leeds Ikea produced a rather nice flock of Golden Plovers on their roof and two long staying Waxwings just around the corner. Jo' was suitably impressed with the Waxwings and by the time we had returned to Sheffield she was confidently identifying Wood Pigeons and Black-headed Gulls. My cunning plan to only take her to see pretty birds, such as the Waxwings, is working. Show her the pretty stuff first then when she's hooked introduce her to the brown dregs that Autumn usually offers.

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