5th February: The Queen is dead long live the Queen

The Queen of Pie making that is. Unless Miggins can come up with a better one then My mum has truly stolen her crown with this magnificent specimen.

Quality pie with obligatory condiment

I had intended to visit the gull roost at Broomhead this afternoon but unfortunately my plans were truly pissed on by a very heavy downpour. Friday will be my next opportunity.


John Hague said...

That looks a fine pine, baked with care and love.
What's the filling?

Mark said...

Meat and tatty. How easy / costly was the Wallcreeper trip?

John Hague said...

Wallcreeper trip wasn't costly at all £27 each for three of us. You need a low tide to see the bird, the tides for us were pretty crap but that's all we had. High tide by about 08.00CET would seem to give the best chance of getting the bird early and then being free to look for Black Woodpecker and Crested Tit et al in the forests later.