15t February. Sexist Nonsense

Despite being colder than the Ice Age the cold weather doesn't appear to have made any difference to the winter bird populations and 'rares' are well er rare. Despite everybody being on the dole there's no one using their new found free time to go birding. Though in these dark times there is a glimmer of hope emanating from the TV soaps. During an educational viewing of Hollyoaks mid-week I came across (stop it!!) a rather interesting story line. The story involved a young nubile Lap Dancer and her boyfriend Dom twitching a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Now this wasn't the usual case of bloke dragging bird off birding, this was the young filly taking her bloke birding. The purpose of this story line I have no idea but the affect could be amazing. The average Hollyoaks viewer is female and will ow no doubt be inspired to take up the noble art of birding. Hurrah by May Spurn will be awash with scantily glad bikini toting tottie - probably. Now if that doesn't inspire all of you male birders out there to get out into the field then nothing will.


There is also a large proportion of male 30+ viewers so don't be surprised if there's equally an upsurge in middle-aged men looking for said tottie birders!!


John Hague said...

She's no birder that one. She hold the bins like they're made out of shit!

Mark said...

Agreed she needs to get a good firm grip of them!!!

Alan Tilmouth said...

Yep, and the guy has obviously just spotted a rare tit judging by his grin.