31st January. Pie Maker

For the last few months Beth has been attending a gifted and talented school - no I'm not bragging as in Rotherham the ability to write your own name and tie your shoelaces is classed as gifted!! Anyhow to cut a boring story short she's doing cookery and today she made her first pie - hurrah, an egg and bacon pie - bleugh!! My history of egg and bacon pie is that we used to have it at school - I would eat it and it would make me puke every time! This time however I managed to keep it down and despite Beth eating a chunk of crust pre serving awarded it an 8.

Pie minus some crust.

Stringent testing in progress

The last couple of hours of daylight were spent at Pit-house West where the Bittern was seen going to roost at 17:15 and at least 2 Water Rails calling.

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