27th February. What Would Charles Say

Rather than go birding this morning I decided to do the big food shop! After purchasing enough provisions to survive a nuclear holocaust I settled for a mega breakfast. Whilst consuming the equivalent of a small pig in pork products I noticed a flock of around 60 Waxwings circling the car park - amazing what you can get in Asda these days.

After knackering my back prior to the shopping trip I settled down for a day in front of the computer/TV, however I was distracted by the antics in the back garden. I was reminded of the 200th anniversary of Darwin whilst making the attached video and amused my self by wondering what Chas would have made of all this!!


Andy Mackay said...

That rabbit needs neutering!

Mark said...

He needs something he scaled a five foot barrier yesterday in order to get out of the shed and shag the cat.