12th May. "road to Grimsby"

The last week, since returning from Scotland, has been pretty dire. In between trying to ignore seemingly constant election coverage I seemed to spend the rest of my time either looking at other peoples birds, cutting grass or doing other necessary chores. As soon as I'd parked the caravan I nipped off to RV to see Kev's very splendid Red-rumped Swallow. As it had been seen earlier in the day it seemed fairly straight forward - of course this was not to be and in fact it took me a further two attempts before I finally connected. Shortly before finally clinching the Swallow a call from Roy informed me that an Avocet had been reported at Orgreave - there's not much you could mistake that for so reluctantly I dragged myself down there to patch tick someone else's find!
This of course is Kev's photo. I hope he doesn't mind me using it

Several further visits to Orgreave over the last few days have produced nothing. I was hoping that yesterday's fresh Northeaster coupled with rain would surely bring a few choice morsels. Sadly the rain increased the cold got colder and the birds just weren't doing their thing - whatever that might have been. In fact I got wetter and colder than I had been all year and in the end, after running out of graphic swear words I decided to go home. Further news items had me reaching for the Viz Profanisaurus (which is where this post title originates) to refill my 'swear bank' though with a report of a Little Gull on Orgreave this morning shortly after my hurried visit it is now well and truly running on empty - "Sausage Wallet"!

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