23rd May. Mad Dogs and English Scum

A weekend of balmy weather and I was predicting that the big one was just around the corner. Not surprisingly I was wrong, though there was a fair spattering of scarce. The hot weather did nothing for my enthusiasm and after a fruitless early morning wander around Orgreave, for just a Curlew, I decided to retire to the garden.

Sunday started warm and got even warmer, but unless you were trapped in the fridge you probably already knew that! One or two decent birds started to turn up - the best of which was a Broad-billed Sandpiper at Old Moor. By early evening and despite the life draining heat, I was itching to get out. Old Moor seemed the obvious choice, but I really didn't fancy being packed sardine style in a hot hide particularly as personal hygiene is not the highest priority on many birders minds. With that in mind I foolishly opted for another visit to Orgreave. Where I was greeted by this:

I'm sure that when Noel Coward wrote Mad Dogs and English Men he didn't picture pot bellied Chav's, swigging extra strong cider, whilst basking in the heat of the day with the obligatory (mad) Bull Terrier by their side.
Whilst you must forgive their ignorance, it is difficult to believe that even if you pointed out the disturbance they were creating to the breeding birds, that it would actually make a difference.
I did however manage a smile at their expense courtesy of this sign:

Fingers crossed!

Thins were no better at nearby RV with lawns apparently being turned in to some kind of landfill site:


Bradley said...

That pic doesn't show even a tenth of the crap that was at RVCP, there were nappies (unbagged), surrounded by empty bottles of cheap lager, probably left by feral families who probably feel that they have had a holiday, I saw Tesco bags literally with sh!t in them (probably from the parents). People blame the 'youth of today' but in my experience it actually starts earlier than that, at least i found 80p, bonus :)

Ipin said...

My local patch was the same, like a bomb had hit it! Cider bottles, beer cans, chip wrappers and McDonalds cartons as far as the eye could see. BASTARDS!