5th June. The End of Spring (probably)

Whilst the rest of the household weep over a dancing dog I decided to sum up the last two weeks of spring, at least from my point of view. Too many blockers unblocked and no shiny new ticks for my dusty old tick list and that's about it. Highlight eventually was the Old Moor Savi's Warbler which after three attempts, two portions of fish and chips, a Mcdonalds breakfast and a 4am start made it on to my Yorkshire list*. Even Jo was impressed and to her credit never complained about being dragged out of bed at silly o'clock.

It was nice to be acquainted with the old Wath Ings hide even if it was now heavily fortified by barbed wire due to it being some kind of protected birding shrine.

The shrine of Wath Mecca where South Yorkshire birders raised in the 70's/80's go to pray.

Following a disappointing weekend - where was that pant filler from the Russian Steppes? We embarked on a four day trip to Northumberland. We managed to miss a Black Kite almost over the caravan site and a White-billed Diver off Holy Island. But at least we saw some Puffins and a few Arctic Terns

And a Shag is always nice where ever you are (sorry)

Whilst away a couple of blockers fell by the wayside namely Trumpeter Finch and Marmora's Warbler, but the biggest surprise was the five Black-winged Stilts arriving at Titchwell. Surely more than a coincidence - are these relatives in search of answers regarding the mysterious disappearance of their brother Sammy or have they just got pissed off with the tongue tied meanderings of Packham and his bitch Humble and simply made a break from the confines of Pensthorpe? A lasting memory of Sammy below and another vain attempt to get McKinney back on the birding blog scene - come on Tom it's been shit since you went.

*Yorkshire List. For the first time ever I foolishly counted up my Yorkshire list and now the urge to see more has taken control. Though there are a few glaring omissions on there so I might not need to put in too much effort.

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