11th June. BBRC Member in Pie Shame Scandal

I was recently provided with photographic evidence that a well respected member of the BBRC has been dabbling with the fine art of savoury production. Sadly no description was submitted the creator feeling that his reputation and photographic evidence would suffice. Well sir I can tell you now that submission of pies must be received with the relevant documentation i.e filling type, pastry type and where possible a sample of said pie should be provided in an airtight container, preferably with a side order of mushy peas and gravy. An email to the submitter requesting the pies authenticity failed to draw a response, either to its provenance or as to what accompanying condiments were served. On this occasion the BPRC found the lack of description unacceptable, though given that photographic evidence was provided were satisfied that a pie ssp had occurred in the Upperthorpe area of Sheffield during June 2010. Future submitters might take note of the above shoddy work when faced with the possibility of scarce/rare pastry products.

Close examination of the pie reveals the presence of a pair of Pie Birds nestling among the nonspecific pastry. Sonogram analysis recorded at 180 degrees centigrade indicated that these birds were well and truly dead - shame on you Mr G!

A more satisfying record was received from a Mr Hague (formerly of Hoyland, Barnsley) who sent in a near perfect description complete with photos of two Pieminister pies that he recently scoffed in Wiltshire - whilst on a trip to tick the nearby Great Bustards. The two pies in question a Matador and a Mr Porky (that's the pie not Mr Hague) were described well and a feature on their tricky separation will appear somewhere soon.


thedrunkbirder said...

I've got a cracking Steak and Kidney found at The Bunch of Grapes public house in Bradford on Avon to submit when I get a decent mobile signal.

Description: Plate pie in a 6" enamel pie dish with a shortcrust pastry lid. Chock full of Steak and halved braised kidneys with a thick gravy. It came served with mash and veg with a separate jug of gravy. Close by there was a Chicken and Asparagus pie, similar description. Excellent value and bloody filling!

Some people apparently 'share' these pies!

Colin said...


That large pie in the Pyrex dish looks decidedly unappealing - the pastry looks very "short" and hard and dry; a large pie should never be cooked in a Pyrex dish - part of the appeal is not being able to see what lies beneath the crust.

Those two examples from Piemaster in Wiltshire look worse than shit - cheap pies, overcooked mash and dreadful watery Bisto gravy.

I will try to get some shots of Borley's "Chicken & Mushroom" and their "Cheese, mushroom and onion" pasties - this will be difficult as my diet and watchfull eye of "her indoors" means they are "verboten". God, I am hungry.