13th June. Little Things Amuse Little Minds

I decided to venture out this evening which, given the torrential rain and general lack of birds, can only be described as madness. On arrival at Orgreave I did consider getting back in the car but insanity got the best of me and I endured a soaking reminiscent of the 2007 floods. However I did manage a nice pactch tick in the form of a 1st summer Little Gull.

Whilst on the subject of birds with the word Little in them. Whilst I'm sure that the sound of a 'singing' Little Shearwater amongst a throng of Manxies could be described as evocative, I'm equally sure that every sucker paying £70 for the privilege of hearing it is a right lying bastard when they say "they went for the experience". Bollocks! You went because you were hoping that some naughty birder might have sneaked on board his 5 billion candle power torch along with Captain Pugwash's sounds of the seabirds volume 1 and that by doing so you could tick it with a clear conscience, after all it wasn't you that broke the law. Remember that Scops Owl in Oxfordshire? How many went along for the experience, just so they could hear it's wondrous call whilst sipping real ale on a balmy summers evening? None, that's right not one of us tick hungry whores went along to listen to that. No instead we followed the guys with the big torches dumping them when their batteries died and finally standing in an orderly queue whilst the bloke with the biggest torch and the freshest batteries flashed the Scops until we were satisfied and the Owls pupils were the size of a mouse's Japs eye! Experience don't make me laugh!!