21st June. Goodbye Frank

Just read the sad news of the Bard of Timperley my thoughts go out to Little Frank and of course Frank's uncle. Papermache based comedy will never be the same.

RIP Frank


thedrunkbirder said...


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely gutted,,its like losing one of your family.Once seen,never forgotten!!Check out Frank and Charlie Chuck doing Wild Thing,,it's on Youtube. I'll quaff a few tonite in memory of a legend of comedy. Blimey!!!!!!!!!!
R I P,,, franksuncle

Mark said...

Cheers Franksuncle. I couldn't resist adding that one.
Hope you held on to that gaffer tape moustache!

Richard Powell said...

Good to see a blogger paying tribute to the great man. A couple of personal favourite songs are "Mr Custard You're a Fool" and "Great Big Zoo Scrapbook". The latter can be found here:


I too are devastated. You know I am, I really am.