17th May. Uncle of the son of Timperley comes to Sheffield

Regular readers of this blog (or Mum and Dad as I like to call them) will be familiar with the comments of Frank Sidebottoms Uncle. Whilst everyone is familiar with the papermache king of light entertainment very little is known about his uncle - in fact we don't even know his name! Following a rare recent press article featuring the very reclusive uncle it was revealed that not only is he the Timperley legends uncle he is in fact somewhat of a local birding stalwart. Sadly the article will not reproduce very well but some facts gleaned from this historic interview appear below.


Suppressing Bastard!


Anonymous said...

Lol,, nice one! However the story is tinged with some sadness as news has just reached us that our Frank has been diagnosed with cancer and will shortly be undergoing surgery. The bard of Timperley will be taking a break from his fantastic show-business career. According to his own blog his next single release will definately NOT be "chemotherapy is really fantastic!". Due to our Franks break from performing it seems Little Frank will also not be coming out of his suitcase for some time either.
PS Mark, was that really me sat beside you on that speeding photo piccy? The head shape looks right but I dont remember going to Suffolk at all. Oh well!

Mark said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Sad news about Frank, give him my regards.

The Drunkbirder said...

Get well Frank!