15th May. A dull day saved by the Orient

With the RV Red-rumped Swallow still present it seemed a good idea to get in there early doors, particularly as it had regularly been performing on the railings in front of the Watersports most mornings. Of course this morning not only did it not perform on there it did a complete no show. After a couple of hours I decided to cut my losses and head for Treeton/Orgreave. The sky's by now were almost cloudless and it was clear that there would be very little passage so I thought I'd salvage the morning photographing stuff. A Garden Warbler, at Treeton, performed well but the other warblers were keeping well hidden. Orgreave was dull, brightened briefly by a record count of seven Oystercatchers woo hoo!

Seeing as Jo had been working I promised to take her to a food fair at Clumber Park unfortunately it was a bit crap (to say the least) though I managed to purchase a quality pie. Seeing as we were some of the way there I suggested that we might go to Frampton for the Oriental Pratincole. Despite having previously seen two others (Elmley 1988 and Gimmingham 1993) at just seventy miles away this one was just too tempting and my first chance to photograph one - albeit badly!

Frampton Marsh is a quality reserve, much nicer than any of those further along The Wash such as Titchwell. With shit loads of Yellow Wagtail and Corn Buntings like there were in the old days.

A top quality Steak and Kidney pie though at three quid it needed to be. By far the nicest "shop bought" pastry that has passed my lips and lets face it there's been a few!


The Drunkbirder said...

Nice Pie!

Colin said...

I thought the pie looked a tad "dry" Mark.

Mark said...

It was quite moist with a particularly melt in the mouth crust.