10th March. Go Fishing (somewhere else)

Illegal fishing at Pit-house West is becoming a major headache and with the days getting longer the problem is set to get worse.  The biggest nuisance is groups of youths whose fishing parties often leave the litter strewn all over the site. Added to this is their seemingly compulsive desire to burn everything flammable, including fences and scrub. Visitors, over this winter, can't fail to have seen charred remains of the gorse bank that formerly held a good population of Linnet and Yellowhammer. As the reed bed is an obvious target for bored fishing youths I ask that all incidents of fishing at this site are reported to the Environment Agency.  The more complaints they receive the more likely it is that they will take action.  As it is unlikely that any of these youths have a Rod Licence and hopefully visits by a water bailiff will reduce these incidents. The Environment Agency can be contacted on 0800 80 70 60 or follow the link to the right. These problems at this site are not the actions of responsible anglers however their unauthorised presence does encourage youths to fish there.

The Reedbed in 2009 following extensive burning of the Bitterns favoured area. The Gorse in the background was destroyed last summer.

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Jerry said...

It looks a lovely place - I so hope you get the problem sorted.