8th March. Game On

Up for the challenge the four of us (Andy,Dave,Nick and me) arrived at The Hop at six for the evening’s entertainment. There were four categories, though to be honest most of them seemed to be students - or have I reached that age where everyone appears younger than me?  Our category was a bit under-subscribed; in fact we had one opposing team! 

The games got underway and the overall pace appeared pretty slow - one contestant taking a full six minutes to eat his pie - it doesn't take me that with a knife and fork!  Eventually our turn came, but there was a problem, the other team couldn’t be found!  Technically we were through to the final.  However we still wanted to go through with the challenge and they hurriedly grabbed four willing volunteers.  We felt a little deflated, but to be fair to this standby team gave us a bloody good game, being half way through their last pie when Dave sat down to start our fourth.  Dave had been less than enthusiastic all week and I had rather hoped he’d be a dark horse and he didn’t disappoint, racing through the pie in no time giving us a justified place in the final.

 The Team

 Meeting Pie Maker Andrew Jones and finding out he occasionally reads
 the blog was one of the highlights of the evening

 A good start using the upside down eating method

 Supporting Andy as he gets through those difficult final bits of pastry

 Nick 'Karate Kid' flagging at the halfway mark

Dave coolly licks his fingers as the last piece slips down

Sadly Dave can't make the final and with that in mind the rest of us decided to quit while we were ahead - it just wouldn't be the same. Added to this I suffered post pie indigestion throughout the night, this I must add has no bearing on the quality of Andrew Jones pies.  These pies are not your regular manufactured rubbish. These pies are in a class of their own and definitely require savouring like a fine wine. Once the indigestion calms down there's one in the fridge with my name on, though this time I'll use a knife and fork.. 


Yorkslister said...

Mark! don't let us down there are literally one or two of us desperate for you to win

Mark said...

I could think of a couple of people who would be more than happy to see me choke in the process ;-)