4th March. More Waders

A total of seven patch visits over the last three days, with not a great deal to show for my efforts.  With almost four seasons in just a few days I had rather hoped that I might sneak an early migrant or two.  Two Knot on yesterdays third visit were the highlight, though they didn't stay long with a near constant stream of dog walkers around the waters edge.  

Today's awful weather kept the canine wanderers mostly indoors. The days second visit, in heavy rain and a strong north/northeast breeze, produced 13 Ringed Plover (a big local count for March), 3 Dunlin, Curlew and a blinged  Oystercatcher parading a fine set of colour-rings (orange left leg, green over yellow + yellow over knee on right leg). 


mjc said...

Hi Mark

Interestingly, the same blinged Oystercatcher was at Old Moor today too


Mark said...

Any idea idea whose ringing scheme it is Matthew?