3rd March. In Training

When a colleague jokingly sent me an email advertising a pie eating contest at The Hop he was a little surprised when I had pulled a team together by tea time (or should that be pie time). It has been said that I like the odd pie or three, though usually I like to spend a couple of minutes savouring the delicate pastry and savoury filling before moving on to the next one. The contest has a limited number of entries so I was chuffed to bits when our team (of pies and men) were drawn out for the first round.  This is a speed eating relay contest where hands or utensils are not allowed. So like my fellow athletes currently training for 2012 I am undergoing a strict regime of arduous physical torture.

 If this hasn't put you off your tea and you want more we'll be in The Hop Unit 14 Westone Plaza Fitzwilliam Street Sheffield from 6pm Thursday 8th.

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John Hague said...

I'm very, very impressed!