19th January. Birds and Pies

At last the decorating is over and I can get back to some normality. After retreaving my birding gear from my parents house and reading the idiots guide to Leica bins I set off out. First stop was the infamous Ulley Country Park (Ulley Resevoir) to see if the Scaup were there. They weren't except they were it's just that I didn't see them. According to Rare Bird Alert one of them was so it must have been. Second stop was to a not so secret Long-eared Owl roost. Only a solitary individual was present looking very fierce. Nearby RVCP held the usual winter fare with 27 Goosanders being the only thing of note.

Birding over (it was dark) I went to Morrisons with Joanna, to buy some healthy eating stuff .i.e salad etc. This was going well until I discovered that they have a counter solely dedicated to pies. This is not surprising given the size of the vast majority of shoppers there. Being a weak individual I purchased a bargain 89p (half price) mixed bag of mystery pies which I will consume over the next few days. Knowing my luck it will be a bag of blackberry and apple!

Mystery pies. Probably containing animal based fillings


John Hague said...

Ever considered a salad pie? They do fruit pies and fruit's healthy so why not salad pies. Steak and chips filling with a side salsd would seem quite good, or even a bit of salad in a Lasagne pie. It's got to make it healthier.

Andy Mackay said...

You surely can't be serious John? Imagine if you heated it - there's nothing worse than warm salad! OK, actually there are worse things - any kind of offal for a start. Offal should be reserved solely for pet food.