25th January. A quickie before work

A minor diversion on the way to work gave me a chance to catch up with the Waxwings just off the Sheffield Parkway.


W*nkshed said...

Hello mate,

Have you been watching Masterchef on BBC2? I can't believe how poncy the food is. I reckon you should enter the competition and in the first round make a pie. In the 2nd (restuarant) stage you should say to the head chef "f*ck off food monkey" and make a pie. In the final round you make a three course meal consisting only of pies.

Winner of Masterchef............'DONE' (as per G Ramsay).

Lost of love,

Andy L.

Ps - go see the sparrow you low listing tart.

Mark said...

Hmm Interesting.

I would go and see the Sparrow except I can't be arsed cos' I saw the Seaforth one back when twitching was still hard and before the arrival of kids funded by their rich dads and midgets with cheque books etc etc etc