3rd January: Even windier

As expected today was even windier than yesterday and we failed to venture out before midday. After letting Sparky have a wander around West Beach we decided that most (if not) all birding would be done from the comfort of the car. We set off towards Loch of Hillwell, to year tick the Smew. As we passed Fleck a whooshing noise can from the rear of the car. This was not Sparky having some kind of seizure but the rear windscreen being uprooted from its seal by a rather nasty cross wind. After stopping the car and glancing behind us expecting carnage, which fortunately was not the case, Rob reversed the car to look for the remnants of screen. He then spotted the windscreen in a field some 150 yds from the road and amazingly still in one piece. A stop at the garage at Mainlands produced some duct tape and we were soon on our way. The Smew was still on the Loch and we also managed to year tick Moorhen and Teal, species that would no doubt be difficult to catch up with later in the year.
With the weather deteriorating we decided to visit Shetland Catch again. There were more gulls today as the factory was open again after the extended holiday. We managed 2 1st winter Iceland Gulls but nothing else of note. A quick call to Summerfield, for supplies, revealed a friendly face in the shape of former Rotherham lad Mr Haywood, who sought to cheer me up by pointing out that they would be no pies this week and that I would be lucky to get off tomorrow given the horrendous forecast. A few more days on Shetland with no pies, no birds and shit weather - great.

The result of too many pulse based curries

Pimp my ride


Who cares what race they are they all eat shit!


John Hague said...

Ah the trusty old Escort. We never did find a garage with a compressor to inflate the tyres!

earl gray said...

My god,how the hell did that car pass it's MOT?!
Love the tape around the rear windscreen, almost makes it look modern!

John Hague said...

Hi Mark, where are any recent postings or are you all loved up at the moment?

Mark said...

Hi John. I couldn't possibly post anything from the last few days my parents read this!!!!