1st January 2008. Shitty start to New Year

After the festivities of last night I rolled into bed at 3am. The wind got up in the night rattling the doors throughout the house. I was too knackered to get up and do anything about the banging so went back to sleep until 10am. As Mr Fray was doing charity work in his position as a missionary for the society of South Mainland Single Mothers it was left to me to be responsible for the cats. Unfortunately the banging doors had resulted in them being trapped into the living room. I'll leave the rest to your imagination but it was not the nicest start to the New Year - Yuck.

The rest of the morning was spent looking out of the window waiting for the wind and rain to subside. The weather hardly improved but we decided to go and have a look for the King Eider in Moussa Sound. Unfortunately we fail again and only managed to see about 15 Common Eider and a couple of Long-tailed Ducks. With daylight disappearing fast we decided to have a look at the Gulls around Shetland Catch. A 1st winter Glaucous Gull and a different (to Sunday's) 1st winter Iceland Gull were present with another 1st winter Glauc' around the adjacent landfill site.

It's grim oop north

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