13th June. Back in the olden days

It is a little known fact that during the mid-eighties the Fair Isle Bird Observatory was used as a youth interment camp. Teenage miscreants were shipped there by the Young Offenders Club (now disbanded following numerous investigations - probably) for a week or so of correctional therapy. Unfortunately for three of us they failed and after 10 days of suffering the warmest August week that Fair Isle had ever offered 3 of us boarded the Good Shepherd with a life time ban from the island (this was later cut to 18 months by the governor Prick Niddiford). What the good people of FBO never found out was that it was a certain Mr R M Fray that meddled with Heligoland Traps, nailed a dead Blackcap to the side of another residents bed (in a God Father type style) and helped me pick only the freshest of Sheep shit later deposited in the same victimised resident.

To my knowledge that, until last week, was Mr Fray's only visit and given the above evidence a belated ban of at least 18 months should be placed on him now before any more quality cage birds appear. Further evidence is posted below and suggests that he should also face charges for crimes against hair dressing!!

Overcome by excitement Mr Niddiford needed to check his pulse

Stalag Fair Isle where lights out meant just that, as the generator was switched off at 10pm sharp. I also recall not getting much sleep as we then had to listen to the assistant warden attempting to nail the cook to the wall of his room!!!


Andy Mackay said...

That's an idea for a post on someone's blog - Rob's hairstyles through the ages. There was a good one on the original Llamas site. I don't know if it's still on the archive site, but it looks like he's wearing a wig! He also has a sprig of heather stuck in his bins for some reason. I'll see if I can find the original...

Mark said...

The one with him winning the Young Offenders award is particularly amusing - he looks a right geek.