3rd June. Pain in Spain

The previous evenings over indulgence took its toll and we arose later than planned at 7.30, closing the shutters is not a good idea as it gives you the impression that it's still dark. Non the less we managed to get on to the nearby Belen Plains. Immediately we were amused by the farting calls of two Little Bustards, one of which showed very well near to the road. A 3rd bird passed over carrying out its display flight. At least 3 Great Bustards were also seen here. Next stop was for the Spanish Imperial Eagles, just outside Monfrague. Unfortunately our late start didn't help and by now (10:15) the heat haze was becoming a problem. Two probables were seen near the nest but the haze made their I.d uncertain. We continued towards Monroy in the hope of seeing Black-shouldered Kite. Again we failed and our run of bad luck continued at the Rio Almonte where we failed to see Black Wheatear. We returned to Monfrague and took shelter in the Castillo car park in the hope of a siesta. Unfortunately some noisy Spaniards had other ideas insisting that the whole of Extremedura heard their conversation about the price of chorizo or something equally important. Drained from the intense heat we moved on to the Portilla del tierter where we achieved a run of four successive dips and failed to get a sniff of any Eagle Owls. We returned to the hotel to find that the restaurant was closed and again had to chance one in the square. This was much better than the previous evening and we were able to soak up the atmosphere of the square i.e. Storks, Lesser Kestrel etc before having an early night.

Don't get too close they fart

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