29th June

An enjoyable mornings ringing with the Sorby Breck Ringing Group. The highlight were two Grasshopper Warblers (adult and juvenile) one of which I rang. Hoping this won't be the last locustella that I ring this year.

Grasshopper Warbler (juv)

Whilst watching Glastonbury from the safety of my front room I was amazed to spot my good friend Mr Lawson in the crowd. Come on Andy you can stop wearing that costume now.

An anonymous sender recently emailed me this shot of two ex Llamas one of which is sporting a rather dodgy (early 90's) Take That hairdo and appears to be wearing some floral garb, probably from some caravan towing, tarmac laying old witch.

It only takes a minute girl

Perhaps only fair that I post this picture.

Tw*t in a hat


Skev said...

I think I've seen that photo of Rob before - seem to think that was his 'lucky heather'. Unfortunately it wasn't lucky enough to deflect attention from that distinctly gay haircut!

Andy Mackay said...

It was on the old Llamas site, with the caption 'surely that's a wig?'. The photo was taken in Glen Tanar on our way back from Shetland in 1996 (I think); we were looking for Capercaillies and tried using 'lucky heather' to increase our chances. If you look closely, Richard's got some behind his ears! Needless to say, it didn't work.

Mark said...

Isn't it more likely to be a spliff behind Richard's ear?

Richard Fray said...

Oi! Reeder! Shut it!


That really is an awful photo all round. And we probably missed Capercaillie as well.