1st June. Donde esta la hotel?

Madrid - Extremadura 2008

The first day of our 5 day trip commenced with a two hour drive to Luton Airport, which I managed to sleep through. The 06.45 Easyjet flight went without a hitch and we arrived on time at 10am. The hire car collected we headed for our hotel in Madrid. Fortunately I'd had the foresight to bring the Sat Nav so finding the hotel would be a doddle! After successfully directing us to within 500 metres of the hotel we got lost (note we got lost). Help was at hand however as whilst navigating a roundabout I was offered some assistance by the local Police who could see that I was a tourist in distress and flagged me down. Unfortunately they claimed that I had driven through two red lights. They then followed a rather amusing good cop bad cop routine which ended in me getting let off, though not without the bad cop threatening a 300 euro fine before they left. The rest of the day was spent sight seeing, eating and drinking. Tomorrow some birds - hopefully.

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