12th April. At last

Another early start involved visits to Pit-house West, Treeton Dyke and Orgreave. No surprises even more Willow Warblers and a Whitethroat at Treeton with just 6 Goosander and a Ringed Plover at Orgreave.

At last we've finished the bloody kitchen. We originally planned on doing it in May - MAY !!! So with that out of the way normal service will resume i.e. sarcasm, cynicism and general bird/pie related nonsense etc.

After. Now much improved I think you'll agree


The Drunkbirder said...

I must admit I misread the title of the blog as 12th April At Last! Not 12th April: At Last!
I was wondering what the fuck was so special about 12th April. What a twat I am.

Mark said...

You are indeed John ;)