24th April. Ripping Yarn

Taking advantage of SCC's flexible turn up when you like system I had a day off. Due to school commitments I couldn't get out as early as I'd liked but nonetheless I arrived at Orgreave before nine and managed 3 Whimbrel. With renewed enthusiasm I stuck it out for another hour seeing just a Common Tern and hearing at least 3 Groppers (is it me or does it seem a bit of a Gropper year).
Hubble Telescope image of 2 of the 3 Whimbrel (just wait until the Little Stints start coming through)

A shopping trip to Asda almost ended in disaster in the bread isle, when reaching down for some wholemeal an embarrassing trouser ripping incident occurred. Fortunately I had decided against going commando! Needless to say I am now firmly on 'the wagon' as far as pies are concerned.

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