26th April. Ground Hog Day

Same old same old really. Went to Orgreave saw a few waders (LRP, Ringed Plover and Dunlin). Walked round Treeton saw warblers various and dreamed about finding a Hoopoe or a Short-toed Lark on the bits of bare stony ground (I find it keeps up morale) and hoped that one of the 11 Whiskered Terns in Derbyshire might stray my way - non of which happened, but next time.

Late afternoon Jo and I had a walk round Pit-house West and RV. At Pit-house West the only birds of note were two new in Reed Warblers, though a big pile of fresh presumably Long-eared Owl pellets were an encouraging sign of nearby nesting activity.

A couple of fresh pellets

Which not surprisingly contained a few of these.

The distant bass beat suggested that RV was still overrun with Chav types so we headed for a lap of the Reserve where we saw nothing of any interest. The Main Lake was no better and some areas gave the suggestion of a post apocalyptic scene - why do some people find it so difficult to dispose of their litter in the correct manner.

If I don't have a change of scenery soon I may go mad.

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