29th April. Foggy

No sign of Orgreave Lagoons in an extensive search of the area early morning!

Looking at another dodgy photo of yesterdays duck (here) it appears that as the day went on it became a much smarter looking bird than the bedraggled thing in my photo. Unfortunately due to having my wallet extracted, with the total repair bill around £230, I didn't really feel like venturing out last night.

Another shot of the offending bump

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! Not sure how I've missed this blog before, as I keep my eyes open for fellow Sheffield nature/bird bloggers, but keep up the good work and I'll add a link on mine.

Just a quick question... I notice Orgreave is your patch and and I'm planning on popping up to Forgemaster's Tip over the next couple of days to hopefully pick up grasshopper warbler. Do you know generally what time they're tending to be reeling at the moment (i.e. are they stopping around dawn or going on throughout the morning)?

Best wishes,